Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week#4 - Google Tools, Audio, and Activities

Interesting Find of the Week: Swing browser  스윙 브라우저

Google Tools
Gmail    Drive   Google Plus
Calendar   Translate
Video File
Video File
Video File
Video File
Video File

Chrome TOOLS
There are a a variety of ways to 'extend' the Chrome browser to add functionality.
You can see all extensions in the 'Chrome Web Store'.   (despite the word 'store', extensions are free)
Below are some CALL-related extensions.

Dictionary Extensions
Google Dictionary
This can be useful for quickly checking the meaning and pronunciation of words online. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-dictionary-by-goog/mgijmajocgfcbeboacabfgobmjgjcoja?hl=en

Other Options

===Google Tasks to Try===
  • Create a short Google Presentation (2 slides is OK) or Google Form (Survey) , post it on your blog
  • Upload a photo or two (or 100) to your Google photo space and share them with your TTP classmates in Google Plus. 
  • Go to the TTP Spring 2014 Calendar and add an event - it can be real or fake, serious or funny.

Explore the Audio Guide
Use Audacity, Clyp.it, or your phone to record your Pronunciation Practice.  Upload that file to your Google Drive and share it with 'jefflebow@gmail.com'.

Things to do/try
  • Look at resources, use Diigo to bookmark interesting ones
  • Try to record an audio file with Audacity or online recorders. 
  • Try to extract audio from an online video
  • Try to make a Voki chatbot and post it on your blog

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week#3 - Feed Me! (from the Buffet and Feedly)

Week#3 Overview

Using an RSS Reader like Feedly.com to subscribe to sites you like.

We will do this in class together, but if you have any additional questions, you can watch the screencast below.  In order to get things set up, you will need to  Download the CALL-feeds-fall2014.opml file here  and follow the instructions (in class or from the video below)


Blogger Tweaks Questions? Blogger Guide.  To see some examples of what you can do with a 'Blogger' blog check out the ones below.
To experiment with your new blog, try

Group Notes & Quizlet
Help annotate your Class Group Notes or Quizlet
Group Notes : Class 1 Class 2 
Quizlets: Class 1 Class 2

Hanging Out in the Google Universe
Add your classmates to a 'circle' (Class#1 hereClass#2 here)
Later, you can update your Google+ profilefind others to follow, and download the Hangout app to use it  on mobile devices.

Coming Attractions

Next week we will start exploring other parts of the Google Universe.  Feel free to take a sneak peek.
Gmail    Drive   Google Plus
Calendar   Translate
Video File
Video File
Video File
Video File
Video File

Begin Exploring Activities, Games, & Quizzes

Monday, September 1, 2014

TTP Fall 2014 - Week#1 & 2: Getting Oriented & Acquainted

The goal of the first two weeks is to get oriented to the course, acquainted with each other, and get set up with some of the accounts and tools we'll be using (and to grab your first plate of goodies from the buffet).

Week#1 Tasks:
  • Go to gmail.com and Create a gmail account if you don't already have one. (this ID might be used for public posting. If you want to remain anonymous online, please choose a pseudonym - don't use your real name as an ID).
  • When logged in to your Gmail, go to Jeff's Google+ Page and add him  to your 'circles'.
  • Create a Blog by going to http://blogger.com/ or clicking the 'Google Matrix/More/Blogger' from your Gmail menu.  Blogger Guide here.  Create your first blog post about anything you like.
    To see some examples of what you can do with a 'Blogger' blog check out the ones below.
    From former TTP Trainees
           ... and others
    • If you'd like to update your Google+ Profile, go to http://plus.google.com and click 'Profile/About/Edit Profile'.
    • We will go over the Tips & Tricks page in class week#2. If you have any questions, take another look and/or ask Jeff for clarification.

    Wednesday, June 25, 2014

    TES531 End-of-Semester Message from Jeff

    Dear TES531'ers,

    I hope you all are enjoying Life after Finals.

    Grades are now posted on the BUFS website and below is an 'End of Semester' video message from me.

    If anyone would like to discuss anything about the course or if you have any lingering questions, feel free to contact me. I am available for virtual office hours day or night during the next couple of weeks.

    Please feel free to say in touch via the assorted LearningCall communities or by contacting me directly. I look forward to seeing how some of you use CALL tools in the 'real world'.

    Thanks for all of the hard work you put into this course. I hope it was useful for you. I know I learned a lot.

    Wishing you all a pleasant, restful summer (online and off).

    All the best,

    Sunday, June 8, 2014

    TES531 Final

    Your ‘Final Challenge’ for this course is to provide a screencast or series of screencasts for one of the scenarios described below.
    Scenario #1
    Prepare a screencast presentation for future generations of TES531’ers.  This can include any or all of the following:
    - Briefly introduce and describe some of the tools you found most useful.
    - Provide a short ‘how-to’ videos for some of the tools you found most challenging to use.
    - Offer some general advice on how to successfully participate in this course and navigate LearningCall.net  (don’t worry about hurting Jeff’s feelings - I want you to honestly address any confusions or frustrations you experienced)


    Prepare a screencast presentation for current or future coworkers about how to implement CALL tools and resources into their work.
    - Choose at least three tools and resources. Describe what they are and how to use them and  provide examples (from you or others) demonstrating how they could be used in your coworkers teaching environments.  

    * The ‘how-to’ portion of each scenario can be done in Korean if desired.  The goal here is to provide real technical assistance and sometimes that is a lot easier (for presenter and watcher) in L1.

    These can be done as one long screencast or a series of shorter ones.  Total screencast time should be at least 5 minutes, but I’d welcome longer ones.  With your permission, I hope to use some of these in future courses to help smooth the way for those that follow you on the LearningCall journey :)

    You can use any tool you like to record the screencast, but one of the easiest options is to record with Screencast-o-matic.com.  For a ‘how-to’ video, take a look at the Screencasting Guide using Screencast-o-matic .  You could also use a Google+ Hangout-on-air, broadcast it so that it is recorded, and use the screensharing feature.   All screencasts are due by June 20.  Please check to see if you can technically screencast as soon as possible. Do NOT wait until June 19. I will be available most of the day Tuesday (June 10)  and most evenings this week for virtual office hours, specifically to provide any screencasting assistance.   Once recorded, screencasts can be uploaded to your Google Drive and shared privately with me or uploaded to your YouTube channel and posted on your blog.
    I'll be standing by to provide virtual assistance and look forward to some interesting viewing. Good Luck!

    Friday, May 16, 2014

    TTP - The Rest of Session 2 (Main Task)

    Main Task (Weeks#11~14)
    Imagine it is now September of 2014….
    Congratulations!  You have been selected as teacher trainer by the Busan Office of Education!
    (Of course, you will be compensated quite well.)
    They are aware that you have completed the highly regarded  BUFS TTP and would like to see a demonstration of how you might use CALL Tools and Resources in your present and future classes.  They have asked you to create at least three blog posts that describe different potential applications of CALL. These do not need to be complete projects, they just need to be complete enough to show how you plan to use a particular tool or resource. Possibilities include:

    • Creating a new blog and designing it for use as a class website
    • Using Quizlet to create a set of Flashcard-related activities for specific lessons
    • Creating a Proprofs/Quizstar quiz, Google form, ppt game, or other activity for your class
    • Recording a Google+ Hangout interview with someone
    • Developing a collection of useful RSS feeds that Korean educators would find interesting (Feedly)
    • Creating an audio recording or Voki related to a particular lesson
    • Creating and edited video for use in your teaching
    • Demonstrating how you can use mobile devices in your teaching
    • Creating maps, mindmaps, and/or graphic organizers for use in a lesson
    • Creating a Prezi or Powtoon for a specific lesson
    • Creating a comic-based activity from comics you’ve created (photo  or video)
    • Padlets and/or Wordles for specific lessons
    • An annotated guide to useful Social Networking Groups for Korean educators (Facebook Groups, Google communities, LinkedIn Networks, etc)
    • Make your own ‘how-to’ screencast guides
    • Build a YouTube playlist
    • ANYTHING ELSE that your CALL learning passions inspire you to create.
    By the end of week#11, please post a short blog post outlining your plans and goals. You can also integrate these projects with your culture presentations.

    Australian Language Videos

    Fun Stuff